Tanya_Skeene USA_to_Chiclana
I´m a native Spaniard (originally from Madrid) who’s been living in the U.S. for the past 10 years. It was time to move back home and I knew I wanted to move to Andalucía, specifically Cadiz, because I need to be close to water. Searching the Internet for real estate in Spain, I came across Ole Solutions and, without exaggerating, it was a real blessing. I’ve visited the south in the past but, being so far away, I had no idea what was available, what the areas are like, what is needed to buy or rent a house… Ole Solutions went above and beyond to help me find the perfect place and much more. They took in consideration what I wanted in regards to location, neighborhood, house measurements, etc. They gave me information on places & people to contact in order to take certain classes I need to perfect my job as a photographer, gave me ideas & possibilities of who would take care of my cats when I’m away… Taking in consideration telephone costs, they called me in the States several times to check-up on status and to verify we were on the same page. In short, if you want to move to Spain or simply want to relocate within Spain, Ole Solutions is your best & most reliable resource to make that happen.

Julianna_Ramsey USA_to_El_Puerto_de_Santa_Maria
I was feeling a bit nervous as I boarded the plane in Atlanta, Georgia. I was moving to Spain, where I knew no one. Besides that, I was entrusting a stranger to prepare the way for me. I had no references for Paul, except that someone in a magazine mentioned using his services. I know scams litter the internet, so in the back of my mind that knowledge festered. However, I communicated with Paul for several months via e-mail and he seemed able and forthright. He addressed all my questions promptly and to my satisfaction. His web site gave me information that was helpful; including some information that I didn’t even know I needed. I am a writer and looked forward to being alone; to do some research and jump start a project that required me to know more about Spain.I picked Cadiz because of the climate and beaches. I read the Cadiz area was less infested with tourists than other coastal areas in Spain and that was also appealing. I knew nothing about Spain except what I learned from the internet, reading and from Paul. So moving to Spain was a leap of faith. I am pleased to report that Paul’s smiling face was right there to pick me up when I arrived. He drove me to the nice, reasonably priced, furnished apartment he had reserved for me. He was armed with a list of properties for me to look at in El Puerto de Santa Maria, where I decided to settle. Paul cheerfully drove me around for two days to look at apartments at various locations. I saw several I liked and then one that I really liked, so Paul took charge and made all the arrangements. I was very grateful for his services.  Finding an apartment on my own would have been an unpleasant and unwieldy chore.  It would have taken longer and been frustrating; as most apartment owners speak as little English as I do Spanish! Paul is fluent in both, so negotiating and signing a contract went smoothly. Paul also helped with the odds and ends (like getting me a cell phone) necessary to get settled in.  He was readily available to me and even kept in touch afterwards.  His fee was just and no more than he told me it would be.  I was pleased with his services. So I wanted to write to his blog to let others know they may rest assured that Paul is real and does what he promises to do, for the fee he states.                                                                                                       I do encourage you, as Paul did me, to learn Spanish if you plan to live here. I currently have a private teacher assisting me. There are also schools available.  I am enjoying life here in Spain. Good luck to those of you coming this way.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Adios, Julianna                                                                                                                                                            
Milagros_Iglesias Paris_to_Jerez
Couple of months ago my husband and I bought an apartment for vacation use and were anxious how we could arrange remotely utility connections, delivery acceptances, works, internet, NIE, We would not have been able to do that from our Paris base. We sought a local representative to help with everything. Paul’s company OLE SOLUTIONS exceeded our expectations. Not only have they efficiently and economically dealt with all our demands they have treated all our suppliers and the developer with the correct manner and achieved everything we asked of. Paul is English and fully bi-lingual, which obviously has been a great assistance to us especially as my husband is native English. They started to look after everything we needed and were so efficient. They dealt with providers, they looked after all the descrepancies we had in the flat, chased the constructor, the painters…All the furniture came from different countries but with Ole Solutions we knew that we will always have someone to “receptionne” them. Apart from all this job, they found a cleaner, a florist for us to make the flat gorgeous and believe me it’s gorgeous. They even provided Spanish lessons to my husband ! and found for us a nursery for our daughter for her holidays. I strongly recommend them. They are clever, bright and great sense of humour. We have been able to trust them with the keys to the apartment. They meet and greet our visitors and help them to become acquainted with the numerous surroundings. Their service has made our acquisition much more enjoyable and quicker to enjoy.



Nigel_Bell London_to_Jerez
 My purchase of an off-plan apartment in the centre of Jerez was a long, drawn out process but I would hasten to add that Ole Solutions were not involved during this stage. Life would have been a lot easier if Paul had been involved at the outset but that’s with the benefit of hindsight! I had hoped to devote more time to my new property in Jerez but I am still working in London so I do not have much time at the moment to deal with the initial fitting-out of the apartment. I need someone on hand in Jerez to deal with a whole variety of jobs so it was with much relief that I tracked down Paul and Ole Solutions on the internet. Paul has proved an invaluable help in dealing with the utility companies and local tradesmen, and can be relied upon to see a job through to completion, whether it is a simple matter of getting extra keys cut or a more complex project co-ordinating the purchase and installation of a new kitchen and appliances. It is very reassuring to know that Paul, as my key-holder, is on the spot to deal with all eventualities, and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to you. 


John_&_Sheila_Raper Sussex_to_El_Puerto_de_Santa_Maria
We moved to Spain with our youngest daughter in August 2007 with the help of Paul and Ole Solutions relocation service. We have found him to be of great help at every stage of our move, from finding us an apartment to buying our first car. We simply gave him our basic requirements for the accommodation we wanted and visited the area of our choice in July, when he showed us the type of properties available. We found an apartment that was exactly what we were looking for and moved in August. Following our move Paul was also to help us to find and buy a car and register with the town hall for our certificate of residence and escorted us to the police station to obtain our NIE numbers. We have found him to be helpful, always available when needed and very professional in the service which his company provides. Without the help we have received, our move would have taken much longer to complete. With us not being fluent in Spanish this could have caused problems with our contracts and other papers we needed to complete. 



Merlin_Giles_&_Belle_Andersen London_to_Tarifa
After posting a question on a business networking site asking for advice on moving to Spain, I was contacted by Paul Shoulders with an offer of service. We decided it would be worthwhile seeking the advice of a relocation agent as we knew nothing about Spanish law. During our long decision period, Paul has been the epitome of professionalism, patience and knowledge. We found a home through friends outside of Paul’s help which was not planned but Paul made it clear that his company, Ole Solutions  would be happy to help with any other issues we had. No sooner had he said that we asked him to help us buy a car. On this matter, all I can say is that Paul went far above and beyond what was reasonable expectation to help us secure and register our car. I cannot thank him enough for his support and determination through what I had presumed was a complex process. When you do not know the laws in a certain country, Paul can walk you through them without even breaking a sweat. Paul has the knack of keeping you calm even through the most frustrating of times. Both Belle and I would not hesitate in recommending Paul Shoulders and Ole Solutions for any of your relocation needs. Thanks Paul for all your help. See you in Spain!  


Lydia_Holban Dublin_to_Jerez
It was a daunting experience for me, moving to Spain particularly without having a word of Spanish! The most daunting hought was having to find an apartment without being able to communicate with the owner. Thankfully I found Ole Solutions and was immediately impressed by their personal and professional approach. Within a few days you had found apartments that were exactly what I was looking for and within my budget. When I arrived in Jerez to view the apartments I was greeted with the same professionalism and dedication I had come to expect from previous correspondence. The first apartment I saw was perfect for me but was shown a broad range of different types of apartments to suit different tastes. I was so grateful how you had my best interests at heart. You were extremely helpful with the translation of the contract for the apartment and havesince been extremely helpful with any questions regarding not only the apartment but also my big move to Spain. Thank you so much for all your help and I would be delighted to recommend Ole Solutions to friends and work colleagues in the future. 


Trevor_&_Ruth_Hexter Essex_to_Arcos_de_la_Frontera
We first met Paul in January 2011 with regard to our apartment purchase in Arcos. We were new to ‘this game’ of buying overseas and although Spain is not a million miles away, it could have been, as far as our knowledge was concerned! Paul has, and continues to, help us through the many and varied things that purchasing abroad entails. Paul not only has the much needed translation skills but knowledge of the area, local procedures (from key-cutting, to banking, to water authorites and beyond) and excellent recommendations in respect of local workmen. All this, coupled with a great personality, willingness to help and a friendly face (at times much needed), makes Paul an ideal and importantly, trustworthy individual. He has made our lives so much easier in dealing with our apartment both before and after purchase and we have said many times that we don’t know what we would have done without him and we will continue to use his services as a keyholder to our property and as our agent. It is easy to recommend Paul – nothing is too much trouble for him and we have complete faith that he will always do his utmost for us. We love our apartment, we love being in Acros and much of our pleasure is down to Paul’s efforts on our behalf. It’s true to say that Pablo es estupendo! 


James_&_Lesley_Cairney Surrey,UK_to_Arcos_de_la_Frontera
When our previous manager decided to change careers, Paul came to the rescue and due to his experience and knowledge it took only one meeting for him to fully understand our needs and to provide sensible advice and solutions. A number of issues were ongoing when we handed the management to Paul and he set about dealing with every one of them with a speed and efficiency that was outstanding.                                                                             Despite his growing book of clients, Paul still offers a very personal service and is always diligent in keeping us fully informed of all relevant matters. In addition, where Paul cannot personally assist, for example legal matters, he has a long list of professional contacts in Spain and is happy make introductions. Knowing that Paul is taking care of our Spanish home is such a comfort and all our worries have disappeared. His efforts, hard work and advice make owning a home abroad the dream it should be. Oh, we’ve also met his mother and she’s lovely too!

James & Lesley Cairney  


Christine_Barker Brighton_to_Cadiz
 We managed our apartment ourselves for awhile. But when problems arose, as they inevitably do, even the simplest things often became  frustratingly difficult to resolve. Rather than being the sunny retreat we’d anticipated, it was becoming a source of anxiety. Enter Paul! He’s competent and trustworthy, as well as being a really nice guy to deal with. He does what he says he’s going to do and we can now relax. We’d thoroughly recommend his services.                                                                     Christine Barker  



Joseph_Roth USA_to_El_Puerto_de_Santa_Maria
                                                          This endorsement is written to provide the strongest possible personal recommendation for Ole Solutions & Paul Shoulders as my manager of my property in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.  Paul has demonstrated a proactive work ethic and a technical/international business level well above the property manages I’ve observed in my 20 years of experience.


  1. He has doubled the profits for my condo in less than six months.
  2. He provides monthly detailed financial reports via email.
  3. Being fluent in Spanish and English, he has administered  all short term and long term leases without flaw.
  4. He has maintained the property in a pristine condition in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

I own several properties in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States and Paul is by far the best property manger I have ever worked with.  I live in the United States most of the year and I have 100% confidence in Paul.  He provides a complete worry free 100% turn key solution.

Joseph Roth San Diego, California USA     


Nigel_&_Diane_Baker Samlesbury,UK_to_Arcos_de_la_Frontera
 We visited many parts of Spain with a view to buying a property for some considerable time before we discovered Arcos de la Frontera. We immediately knew the Novo Arcos development was for us. We were assured the buying process would be seamless, unfortunately the agent went in to liquidation and problems started. Fortunately Paul Shoulders and Ole Solutions were on hand to prevent our dream place in the sun from becoming a nightmare. Having someone trusted and local to the development, especially when you can not be there, is of great comfort. There are so many horror stories of corruption and dishonesty that having someone like Paul, who we have found to be totally trustworthy and reliable, is a real bonus. In addition, having someone to help with the language has made difficult problems, like setting up a Spanish bank account, much easier. We are also very happy with the kitchen we had installed at his recommendation and with Paul’s help. Things never seem to go smoothly in Spain so having some one to act as intermediary is almost a necessity to make progress. Paul was a great help when we had a furniture shipment and the driver got lost and was unable to find the development. Thanks for all your assistance.               Nigel and Diane Baker Samlesbury UK


Mick_and_Janet_Kerlin Chesterfield,UK_to_Arcos_de_la_Frontera
We started our Spanish adventure back in 2007, putting a deposit on an off plan apartment in Arcos in Andalucia, and eventually completed in November.  The intervening three years were extremely stressful and frustrating, especially as the English agents fronting the development disappeared at the first sign of problems, leaving a number of us in the lurch. Luckily on our first proper visit to Arcos in 2008 we were introduced to Paul and I have to say this was the first bit of luck we had on our venture. Since then we have called upon him for advice and help on numerous occasions and without his assistance we can honestly say we would not have completed. He filled the void left by the agents and kept people informed as to how things were progressing. The services he has provided us have ranged from translations, to setting up utilities and ensuring we comply with the endless local authority rules and regulations. He has been the one person we have been able to trust totally at a time when there has been much mistrust, and that has indeed been invaluable. We hope to continue using his services for some time to come and have no problem whatsoever in recommending Paul.



Terry_and_Maureen_Daley East_Sussex,UK_to_Sanlucar_de_Barrameda
    Having only a few words of Spanish we found the prospect of installing a new kitchen in our Spanish flat a daunting prospect. With help from Paul at Ole Solutions the purchase and installation was made painless, he was able to guide us through the whole process with efficiency and 100% application to the task. He was always on hand (either in person or via the phone) at every stage of the installation. We would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his company to anyone who is looking for a translator. We will certainly be using them again in the future. 



Tracey_Tannenbaun Chesterfield,UK_to_Arcos_de_la_Frontera
“Paul was extremely professional when it came to a major water problem we had at our house in the old quarter of Arcos de la Frontera. He not only acted as the translator but came up with a solution using two local builders.                                                                                   After five years of trouble, the problem is finally solved! Thank you Paul.’ 



Steve_Wagner_&_Family Alaska,USA_to_Rota
 About seven years ago, while surfing the internet, I serendipitously came upon Ole Solutions in Jerez, Spain. The picture of Paul and his family on the beach in Spain—caught my attention. Moreover, his personal relocation story from Britan was riviting. Over several yrs. I conversed with Paul about my family moving to Spain. So in June of 2013, my wife Robin and I met with Paul in Rota, to discuss moving to the scenic, seaside, community from Alaska. Within minutes of talking with Paul, we were amazed with his knowledge on all things concerned with living in Spain. Moreover, Paul is an extremely nice, and easy going person. After our brief conversation we knew we had found the right person for the job.  So in March of 2014 we contacted Paul to find us an apt in Rota. He was true to his word and before our plane landed in Jerez, Spain on June 16th Paul had found us a great rental property, which fit all our desires. Upon arriving Paul met us at the airport and took us to meet the owners of the apt. And on the 18th, just two days later, Paul negotiated a 12 month contract.    His great skills and service haven’t stopped there. He is currently assisting us with tax ID numbers, temporary residency permits,  internet, and mobile phone service. He even arranged some maintenance we needed at our apt in a timely manner. If you’re interested in a professional and courtious relocation expert for the province of Cadiz, with a fair rate; then I recommend Paul of Ole Solutions. He’s worth every penny. He will guide you through the process of moving to a different country with different real estate regulations. He will save you the stress of making costly expat errors. You won’t be disapointed.

Steve & Robin Wagner 

Denise_&_Michael_Montefusco Essex,UK_to_Sanlucar_de_Barrameda
        Dear Paul, Having just arrived home from Spain, I had to write to thank you for the excellent work you do for us. Owning a villa in Spain has proved not to be as easy as one might think. You are the third management company we have had looking after the villa. Your service in this respect is first class. The cleaning is undertaken to a high standard and you always keep us informed of any issues so there are no surprises for us.                                                   You have also been instrumental in resolving issues with the various Spanish authorities we have had dealings with e.g. Telecommunications, TV, Town Hall to name but a few. Some of our issues had built up over the years prior to our association and you have worked tirelessly and patiently (a must in Spain) to negotiate the best outcome to each situation.                                                                                                                                                                                       Perhaps the most important accolade is to say that I have full trust in everything you do and believe honesty and professionalism is at the core of your service. I am extremely happy with your service and I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Denise & Michael Montefusco 

Jayne_&_Malcolm_Wallis Leeds_to_Sanlucar_de_Barrameda
                         We always find Paul (from Ole Solutions) to be polite, professional, flexible and very accessible at all times of day regarding the management of our holiday Villa. He also offers regular advice and was extremely helpful when we found we had some legacy issues that we needed to resolve quickly. His knowledge of Spanish legislation, translation services and Spanish fluency proved invaluable of which we are extremely grateful. We feel that our Villa and our guests are in good hands whilst we are thousands of miles away in the UK and at last we have found someone we can trust to professionally manage our property. We have already and will continue to strongly recommend Ole Solutions.

Jayne & Malcolm Wallis