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So, who needs property management and why is it so important?

If you own a property in Spain that sits empty for long periods, then it is time you started to look after your investment. An empty property is an easy target for thieves and not a very nice place for you or your guests to arrive to, if it has not been regularly aired, and smells of damp.

We advise you to invest in one of our property management packages  or  instruct us with your own tailor made requirements.

Let’s get back, to why property management and maintenance is so important to you! Put simply, it is the peace of mind it gives you. Having a responsible company you can trust to keep your property secure, clean and  be available for any arising problem, no matter how major or small, is worth more to you, than the price you will pay.

There is a general tendency, for property owners, to assume that their second home will ‘look after itself’. Please don’t fall into this trap and become one of these types of owner.

If you are looking to generate an income from your property, this is where a good property manager is worth their weight in gold.


Providing a key holding service, meeting & greeting your guests (sometimes late at night), cleaning, bed making and overseeing that your property is secure, looked after, internally and externally, and ensure your guests leave the property as they found it and to provide a service, so your guests will want to return again.

In short, your life is made easier, your home is looked after and you can also generate an income to pay for it, if you want to.

At Olé Solutions, we make a pledge to our clients. That is HONESTY, RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE and RESULTS.

We know the biggest fear that owners who have properties to let in Spain but live in another Country is that their property manager is not doing the things they are supposed to be doing, they do not answer e-mails promptly or answer phone calls.

As an owner can you imagine the stress you go through when you get a call from your holiday makers telling you, your pool is green and the property manager is not answering the phone!

If you have had these experiences or do not want to even imagine them, you can rest assured you will NEVER have any such problems using Olé Solutions property management team. We handle all day-to-day problems that can arise in rented properties.

We genuinely care about our work, take pride in what we do and this shows in the service we provide to our clients.


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