If I don’t want a package, can you still find me a property and what do you charge for this service?

Yes we do offer the facility for clients who just want us to help them find a property in Cadiz province but our packages work out much more economical and give you the peace of mind and our aftersales service that you just cant put a price on. For a property finding service only we charge 1.5% of the sale price.


What happens to my retaining fee should I fail to buy a property within the 6 month period?

Unfortunately, as stated in our Terms & Conditions you will forfeit the retaining fee should you not find a suitable property to purchase within a six month period but you can rest assured that we will be working 100% to find your desired property and it is highly unlikely that Spanish Sol-utions cannot find what you are looking for within this long time scale.


Why should we use you services and not do it ourselves?

As we have stated throughout the website, we save you Time, Money and Energy. We specialise in this area and can guide you to the best locations to your requirements and avoid the unsuitable ones. We can find our clients the right property at the best price and avoid wasting time, money and energy on repeated on uncoordinated and random viewing trips. If you have plenty of time, money and energy and speak Spanish it is possible to do it yourselves.


I am looking to move to Spain, and require as much information as possible on how to apply for jobs before I go.

Applying for jobs in Spain and especially here in Cadiz is different than in the UK. Unemployment in Spain is higher than that in most other European countries which can make it difficult for foreigners to find work. It is a case of not what you know but who you know and you unless you want to work in Gibraltar you must have a good grasp of Spanish. Also speaking another language will be an added advantage. Even if you have qualifications or are a skilled person you must remember you will possibly be up against native speakers with the same qualifications. I wish you luck and if you have the desire and the will you will always find something!


I am moving to Spain permanently in a few months and am confused about the Spanish National Health Service, will I be entitled to any?

Unless you will be working in Spain and paying into the Spanish Social Security System you will not be entitled to Spanish National Health Cover. You may get temporary cover via EHIC if you have paid National Insurance in the UK recently. More info here.


Can you help me get a NIE?

N.I.E. means Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros. The English translation is Foreign Residents Identification Number. All foreigners with financial dealings in Spain must apply for an NIE tax and identification number at the local police station and this can be organised through your lawyer. Our fee for getting your NIE, if you are moving to Cadiz province is only 100€ +IVA and if you are buying your property in joint names 175€ for both NIE’s. You can also unlock the guide to applying for your NIE and exactly how you can apply by buying our ‘Essential Spanish NIE Guide’.


I am afraid about taking my kids to Spain, what advice can you give me?

It depends what ages you children are. If they are very close to final exam stages, my advice would be to wait and let them concentrate on their exams. If they are of school age, there are international schools but the younger they are the easily they will fit in to a spanish state school. Children are like sponges and absorb the language very fast! Most importantly, keep the kids well informed of your relocation so that they have time to adjust to the idea of moving abroad. If you let them help and involve them in the planning process you will keep them enthused about the move. Encourage them to help you research your new destination in books and on the Internet. Ask the kids how they are feeling and whether they have any questions to try and eliminate any anxiety.


If I move to Spain and still work for a UK company to whom do I pay tax to – Spain or England or both?

This question has a long answer but I will try to keep it brief! Spain and the UK have an agreement to prevent double taxation in cases such as yours. It is acknowledged by the UK tax authorities that the terms of the double tax treaty override the UKs domestic tax legislation. The treaty determines which country is to be given sole taxing rights, and prevents an individual being subject to UK and Spanish taxes on the same income. Therefore, if you become an official resident of Spain and spend most of your time in Spain, you would pay Spanish taxes and not UK tax. If however, you spend more than 190 days a year visiting the UK, you may also be classified as a UK resident. The UK/Spain Double Tax Treaty has a “tie-breaker” clause that comes into effect if an individual is classed as resident in the UK and Spain. Please seek full advice from http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/index.htm