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From annual key holding to one of our bespoke property management packages.
If you just want to list your property on our site, we can generate bookings for you. We handle all the administration for you for a flat rate of 18% of the rental price. We set up your free listing, guests search and they find your wonderful holiday rental and we take care of the booking!

List your property with us for marketing, maintenance and property management in a box.
As a home owner, you want to know your investment is safe, secure and at least paying for itself or even better making a profit! Our successful and proven property management team can deliver the maintenance and property management you and your property deserve.



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What are the benefits to me and why should I trust Ole Solutions with my property?


Rather than us tell you how good we are, we think it is better for you to read what our clients think of us and our services. You can make your own mind up if you would like us to be your trusted property management team.


At OLÉ SOLUTIONS, we make a pledge to all our clients.



If you are struggling to keep on top of everything that is essential to running a successful holiday let, maybe you should talk to Ole Solutions.

We know how hard it is to market a property, manage it, clean it, maintain it and look after guests but it’s our job and we love doing it.

Maximise profitability


By passing over everything to us, you have more free time, less worries and the peace of mind that your property is in good hands and being looked after. Your life is made easier, your home is looked after and you can also generate an income to pay for it, if you want to.




Our property management software allows you to see all your bookings and information on reservations, availability calendar, earned income and much more. Our contracts easy to understand and because we work to your requirements, we offer you customised solutions.

Peace of mind


If you are an owner that does not live in Spain, only you will know how much worrying goes on when renting your property to strangers or being left empty!

Our clients often tell us how stressed they used to feel when problems would arise, which would have to be dealt with promptly but they don’t speak Spanish and the language barrier left them feeling so frustrated.



We will make your property visible on our website and in the most successful international portals so that you obtain a high percentage of conversion to sales. You also have complete control, via our software you can also block out any dates for yourself, family or your own guests.



Nothing is fixed in stone. If you just want us to get you bookings for a commission fee, we can do that. If you just want a maintenance package or only cleaning & laundry, no problem! Just meet & greet your guests or whatever you require, please enquire.

We look forward to speaking to you and can’t wait to see your property.




In line with registering your holiday rental with the Junta de Andalucía, we check-in your guests and verify their identification documents. To comply with the law, we upload your guest’s information to the national police system within 24 hours of their arrival.

(If you have not yet registered your holiday rental with the Junta de Andalucia and need help click here) Install link

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Call us today on +34 956 33 66 14 / +34 645 660 454 or UK 0333 006 2397 or e-mail: